It’s time to move on

The day will come when you recognize that Donald Trump is no longer President of the United States. If you didn’t recognize it from the Electoral College vote, it might come when those votes are officially tallied in Congress. Or when Joe Biden is inaugurated. Or when your favorite media personalities switch from defending President Trump and start attacking President Biden.

It’s a day that will be a reckoning for his critics as well. They can no longer blame President Trump for what is wrong with the country. He will no longer be the brunt of their jokes and parody songs. They now must take the responsibility for solving our multiple crises.

Regardless of whether you’re a Trump supporter or critic, it’s time to move on.

Election fraud? Let’s get serious. If you don’t want to believe the preponderance of evidence showing there was none, look at nations that have had actual election fraud. Those are nations where the corrupt leader gets 99% of the vote, and in the legislature (if there is one), the ruling party wins 99% of the seats. They can claim those victories because there is no opposition. They have been banned, censored, exiled, jailed, or killed.

That’s not what happened in 2020. President Trump still got 70 million votes. Republicans picked up seats in the House and may keep the Senate. Also consider the number of wins Republicans had in state and local elections around the country. Hardly the sign of a Democratic coup.

But if you’re still upset that your guy didn’t win, take some advice from someone who actually lost unfairly. Accept your defeat, learn from the experience, and move on.

We have a lot of problems in this country. The pandemic still rages, and a lot more people will lose their livelihoods, health, and their lives before vaccines can take effect. The Russians have hacked vital government systems. We face a multitude of challenges internationally. The worst thing we can do is to continue to fight among ourselves.

The first step in coming together is to recognize that it’s time to move on.

No one expects you to like a President Biden. Many on the left don’t. We won’t ask you to agree with everything he does. We won’t. No one on the Democratic side believes he’s above criticism. We don’t believe he comes from God. As a deeply religious person, Joe Biden certainly doesn’t.

Social media and 24-hour cable news have enabled us to create bubbles of our own realities. Whatever beliefs and prejudices we have, we can find a YouTube channel or media personality who will reinforce them. It’s time to burst those bubbles and face honestly the challenges as they are. We can’t live in a fantasy world of conspiracy theories where some hero will save the day. Only we can save ourselves. It’s time for us to move on, get on the same page, and work together.