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Writing with a Kindle

My Kindle and laptopI recently got a Kindle. My first Kindle. I have read eBooks on other devices, but the Kindle is a different experience. The eInk reads like paper, and the Kindle Paperwhite’s 300 dpi resolution matches the quality on the first laser printers I used. There are no distractions from social media, email, and text messages like when I’m reading on my laptop or smartphone.

I’m also finding the Kindle a useful tool for writing. Here’s why.

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The Remainders is here, and you can read it for free!

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Why community service is now more important than ever

Saddleback Little League Opening Day, 2009I can always tell when it’s time for youth baseball and softball season to start. The weather gets warmer. We get more hours of sunlight. And I get more people reading my Little League opening day speech. But would I still be involved in a position like a Little League president today, especially with all the disincentives of getting involved in the community?

The changing political environment makes community service more important than ever. Here’s why, and why you should step up and volunteer.

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Wars of attrition

Trench warfare in World War I from Wikimedia CommonsDifficult challenges turn into wars of attrition. When we realize that victory won’t be quick and easy, we entrench ourselves and brace for a long struggle.

This applies to our current political situation, and it also applies to personal challenges. Health issues, financial crises, family conflicts, office politics, addiction battles — they all become tests of endurance against seemingly intractable foes.

Even striving towards goals can turn into wars of attrition. We work to lose weight, but we hit a plateau and give into temptation. We write a book, and we must wait to hear back from prospective agents and publishers.

How do we deal with a problem when there is no solution in sight? How do we keep fighting in a war with no end?

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Why you need bad writing to get to good writing

WGA pamphlet from the mid-1990sI was cleaning out some old files when I came across drafts of screenplays I wrote in the 1990s. They were awful. Eye-achingly awful. So awful that I shredded them and put them in the recycling bin.

But when I wrote those scripts, I thought they were so wonderful that I registered one of them with the Writers Guild of America and sent it to an agent. He rejected it. I could see why. That script was so bad that DC couldn’t have turned it into a superhero movie.

Did I waste my time and effort writing those screenplays? No. They were just another example of why you need bad writing to get to good writing. Here’s why.

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