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Banish boring words

Does your writing bore you? You might be using boring words. Words like happy and sad are repetitive, and they don’t express your complete feelings.

Donna Norton of Custom Writing provides this infographic listing alternatives to 28 boring words. Use them to make your writing more expressive and interesting.

Writing Reseda: Nowhere is safe

If you saw another movie set in Reseda, Boogie Nights, you have a hard time forgetting that donut shop scene. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t ruin the movie or your appetite by describing it. Let’s say that the violence in it shocked a lot of people, except for me. That’s because I lived in Reseda in the 70s and 80s.

I’ve written about Mary Ann Henderson and the Carl’s Jr. robbery elsewhere on my site. But my concerns about being safe in Reseda started before then.

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I will get back to the Writing Reseda series, but I need to say a few things about what happened yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia. Oddly enough, this is a story about Reseda and something that happened to me 40 years ago. It is about the first display of overt and direct anti-Semitism I ever experienced.

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Writing Reseda: Hillside versus flatland

San Fernando Valley in 1917 (Image from Wikimedia Commons)

Here’s the first thing you should know about the San Fernando Valley: The Valley Girl from the “really good part of Encino” doesn’t represent all of us. In fact, there are parts of the Valley where she’s despised.

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Writing Reseda: Introduction

Reseda Welcomes You signLocation, location, location. It’s as critical in writing as it is in real estate. Think about John Steinbeck and Salinas, James Joyce and Dublin, and Henry David Thoreau and Walden Pond. A place can shape and inspire a writer.

You can guess which place inspires me. Then again, this place has inspired a lot of people.

What is it about this 5.87 square mile (15.2 square kilometer) nearly perfect square in the western San Fernando Valley that influences my writing?

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