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Spoons and a lesson about community

It’s hard to watch the news today without becoming consumed with rage and grief. But we want to believe there is a way out of this rabbit hole. We try to picture an ideal world that we can work towards. But how can we picture such a world when all we see is chaos, venality, and cruelty?

I’d like to offer a story I was told a long time ago. It’s about spoons.

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You won’t get over it

For you, next week will be six months. For me, next month will be 42 years. Here is something I learned in that time. It isn’t what you want to hear, and it might not comfort you, but it’s the truth you need.

You won’t get over it.

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What’s special about education

GranddaughterLater this month, my granddaughter will start kindergarten. Over the next dozen or more years, she will be expected to learn her multiplication tables, read A Wrinkle In Time, and learn about the three branches of government like anyone who doesn’t have cerebral palsy.

I’m happy that she will get a public school education at a regular school. She will have an aide and adaptive equipment, but she will get the same curriculum and be expected to meet the same standards so that she can have the same tools and opportunities to pursue her goals.

As I watch my granddaughter start her educational journey, it’s a good time to reflect on the importance of public education and how we can make it work for everyone.

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To sell yourself, be yourself

Selfie at Immigrant March 2018“Can we get back to writing now, please?”


You might consider my posts about Stoneman Douglas and my displeasure with the President to be distractions from what I should be doing, building a platform. I have books to sell, and a book I want a publisher to pick up. I should be busy building my social media presence, buying ads and promotion services, and making book trailers. And YouTube videos. Why don’t I make some YouTube videos? Sure, I’m 57 years old with a gray beard and a fast-food gut, and YouTube is embroiled in monetization controversies and Logan Paul. But it’s 2018, damnit! Do a flipping YouTube video!

But I decided that the best way to sell my books is to sell myself. And to sell myself, I have to be myself. Here’s why.

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Tommy’s button

Yes on California Proposition 15, 1982When the March For Our Lives tour came to our area, I had to go. I wanted to hear their stories, learn more about the issues, and find ways I can help. But there was one thing I wanted to do if I were to meet one of the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. I wanted to give them Tommy’s button.

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