Get ready for a Cold War adventure with my new novel, Doria. Set in 1970s South America, Doria shows the struggle of an orphan girl and a teenage rebel as their impoverished country recovers from a violent revolution. Look for it in print and eBook at your favorite online booksellers. And visit this page often for the latest Doria news and learn more about this book!

What’s New with Doria?

In recognition of May Day, here is an except from the book where one of the characters gives his perspective of the day.

What’s Doria About?

1970. Six-year-old Carla Guzmán is orphaned during her country’s violent revolution. She finds her mother’s body with an Olympic silver medal sewn into her sweater.

Carla soon finds protectors in Alicia Nuñez, a teenage communist soldier, and Felipe Sérigo, a general who passionately loves his Russian wife and yearns to be a father. Together, they struggle to rebuild their country while facing the dangers of the Cold War.

Carla wants to be a gymnast like her mother, but must depend on a questionable Romanian coach. Alicia and Felipe are torn between following their ideology and ending their country’s poverty. Friends become enemies, and enemies become friends and even lovers in a dangerous game of superpower brinkmanship.

A discovery challenges Alicia’s beliefs and pits Felipe against the father he rejected. It forces them to make a difficult choice that can save their struggling country — or lead to World War III.

Intrigue, heart-breaking betrayals, and love. They happen in a place called Doria.

Where Do I Buy It?

Doria is available in paperback or as an eBook for iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, and other devices. You can purchase your eBook directly from your device. Paperbacks are available through,, and your favorite bookstore.


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