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Your opinion, please

In an earlier post, I said I was restarting my Doria series. I’d like your feedback on an idea I have for the new book. It is set in the present day. Doria has not only recovered from its revolution and transition to democracy, it has become a budding global superpower. Its president is Carla …

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What if you couldn’t vote?

A recent Gallup poll estimates that voter turnout will be down for Tuesday’s US elections. But voter turnout hasn’t topped 60% for a presidential election since Nixon and Humphrey went at it in 1968. We Americans do take voting for granted. We consider it as pleasant a duty as serving on a jury or getting …

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How a chronology can help your writing

To prepare for revising my new screenplay, I’ve been reading The Screenwriter’s Problem Solver by writing maven Syd Field. One of the takeaways I’ve gotten so far is the need to write backstory. Although very little, if any, of this information appears in the script, the backstory helps writers understand and develop their characters and …

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Getting “Up Close and Personal” about the Olympics

Jolly good show, London! One must be hopelessly cynical or so caught up in the politics of the event not to be moved by the Olympics. The images of athletes from around the world, some from countries at war with each, gathering together in a mostly peaceful celebration of sport. The spectacle, the inspirational stories, …

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How stereotypes are created

In my novel Doria, I wanted to explore how societies get split apart and what can be done to bring people together. One of the things that divides us are the preconceived beliefs we have of each other — beliefs reinforced by stereotypes. The 20th anniversary of the L.A. Riots, along with recent events, remind …

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