The Remainders Beta 2 (and why writing is critical)

Front Cover - The RemaindersMy second beta of The Remainders is finished. Thanks to the feedback I got from the first beta, it is a true novel at 70,000 words and a much stronger story. Adding the first-person narration of Dylan’s father added depth to both characters. I drew parallels between both character’s lives and how they stumbled and grew through the events in the book. When father and son meet at the end, I switched between points of view so we can see how they viewed the other. I’m happy with how this draft turned out.

Revising The Remainders also provided me with much-needed therapy.

We are going through a chaotic time in our family. You can easily lose yourself in situations like this, give into the stress, and focus so much on everyone else’s needs to you forget to take care of yourself. That was a mistake my mom made, and it left her paralyzed and unable to help us. You have to carve out some time to attend to your needs and pursue your passions, even if it is a few minutes a day. This refuels you emotionally and physically, and it keeps you from burning out. And when the situation passes, as situations always do, you will be much stronger from the experience, instead of feeling worn-out, bitter, and resentful.

Regardless of what happens with The Remainders, whether it becomes a best-selling novel or, well, a remainder, I’m grateful for how it gave me a chance to do something for myself at a time when I needed it.

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