Fun a Day Reseda – My 2016 Project

Fun a Day Reseda, January 1Fun a Day Reseda is back! And I’m back too with a new project.

Fun a Day is a community program where people work on a creative project every day during the month. It can be painting, photography, music, writing, crafts, or anything that stirs your creative energies. In February or March, there will be a community show where people can present their work. The goal of Fun a Day is to strengthen communities through the arts.

In 2014, I participated in Fun a Day by writing a blog post every day. I didn’t participate last year because I was working on another project. I’m back this year to start a new novel. And here it is.

Front Cover - The Remainders

This story is about a young man whose parents throw him out of his house in Dana Point. He winds up in Reseda where he sleeps in his SUV and works in a dollar store. He feels rootless and adrift until he meets a broken young woman who has to take care of her ailing mother. They give each other a reason to find direction and purpose, but he may find his past and his addictions too difficult to overcome.

The Remainders shows how people who are “thrown away” by society (either by circumstance or their own mistakes) seek to find dignity and self-worth. There’s no better setting for this than a community that has felt “thrown away” for a long time, but is now reclaiming their value and defining itself.

My goal during Fun a Day Reseda is to finish the first draft of the book. (Consider it NaNoWriMo in January with an extra day to write. And since I’m using Apple products to create this book, I suppose it would fall under their Start Something New campaign too.) I’ll keep you posted on my progress by writing articles for this site covering the themes and ideas in the story. Depending on how things go, I may give a reading at the Fun A Day Reseda event.

Look for more information on my site. And if you have a creative project of your own, get started on it! Fun a Day events are taking place in a number of communities, and you can start a program where you live. Visit the Fun-A-Day site to learn more.


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