Fun A Day Reseda – My 2020 projects

WritingFun A Day Reseda is an annual event where we spend each day in January working on a creative project. This year, I have several!

As I mentioned in “What’s next?,” I’m working on revisions of The Remainders, and I’ll be giving a presentation on impromptu public speaking at the Anaheim Central Library on January 29. Of course, I will continue promotional work for Amiga.

The other project is my Doria reboot. I started writing outlines for a three-book series. It is still an alternate history about a South American country that emerges from a devastating revolution to become a technologically advanced and emerging superpower. But I found myself agreeing with Terry Brisson, “If you don’t bring your alternative history up to the reader’s present, then you leave out half the fun.” I set the reboot in an alternative 2019, and it tells the story from the point of view of an American who goes to Doria to escape a horrible tragedy. I will work on initial story sketches and research, and I’ll share some ideas with a limited number of people. I plan to start writing the first book for NaNoWriMo 2020.

The Fun A Day Reseda art show is March 30, 2020 at the San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center in Tarzana. I hope to do some readings of Amiga and The Remainders there. (I might even have preliminary readings of the upcoming Doria book.)

Fun A Day is a nationwide event. To learn about the program and create one in your community, visit the Fun A Day Pittsburgh site. Start this new decade with creativity!