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Lessons from a town hall meeting

I attended my first town hall meeting last night. It was a teleconferenced town hall, which was a pity because I had a funny protest sign in mind. This town hall would also disappoint those who like shouting and screaming. I could only stay for the first hour, so I might have missed some good …

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So, you want to write a political novel…

Everyone is concerned about politics these days, so you might be thinking about writing a political novel. After all, 1984 topped bestsellers lists this year, and The Handmaid’s Tale was made into a hit series on Hulu. If you want to write a political novel, be careful. Agitprop makes for some horrible fiction.

If you change your mind

Before you write this off as more liberal whining, I’ll tell you a secret. In 1980, I voted for Ronald Reagan.

The pendulum swings

Whether the outcome of the election fills you with joy or despair, we feel like we’re moving into uncharted territory. What will a Trump presidency really be like? Will it really make America great again? Or will it become a catastrophe? It’s time for perspective. We’ve been here before. In just the small portion of American history I’ve lived through, we’ve gone …

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Thank Goodness It’s Over Day

This has been the nastiest, most divisive election since they settled arguments with dueling pistols. We also have local elections as nasty as the presidential one. The good news is that it’s almost over. On November 8, we’ll have our say and, if Florida doesn’t screw up again, a new president. That’s why I’d like to …

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