Thank Goodness It’s Over Day

Remember to vote!This has been the nastiest, most divisive election since they settled arguments with dueling pistols. We also have local elections as nasty as the presidential one. The good news is that it’s almost over. On November 8, we’ll have our say and, if Florida doesn’t screw up again, a new president.

That’s why I’d like to declare November 9 as Thank Goodness It’s Over Day. Here’s how we can celebrate.

  1. Get rid of your campaign stuff. It doesn’t matter anymore if you were with her to make America great again. Remove your bumper stickers and car magnets. Take down and recycle your yard signs.  Drop off your candidate t-shirts and caps at Goodwill. But save the campaign buttons because they might be worth something someday.
  2. Don’t watch any pundits. Not even the funny ones. You can still watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert if you fast forward to the celebrity interviews. He’s gotten better with those.
  3. Don’t make political posts on social media. Don’t share those Tomi Lahren, Rachel Maddow, and “Watch as (famous person) DESTROYS (political group)!” videos. No memes where some politician makes some funny or weird face. We’ve had to scroll past them for two years and wonder if we should unfriend you. Go back to sharing pictures of your kids, vacation, or lunch.

On Thank Goodness It’s Over Day, we can stop dividing ourselves by ideology and political affiliation. We can stop demonizing people who hold different opinions. We can stop fighting with friends we’ve had for decades because they prefer a different candidate than we do. We can start working together again to face our common challenges. We can start looking past our differences and appreciate what we have in common. We can see ourselves as Americans again.

That’s until November 10, when the 2020 presidential campaign begins.