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Moving forward

One more thing to say about anger (or frustration or worry). At some point, you’ll decide to move forward. You’ll seek to overcome powerlessness by finding areas where you have power.

You have the right to be angry

I got into a discussion on Twitter about the value of social media. It included the issue of anger. We feel uncomfortable about anger. It makes us feel out of control. It causes us to say and do things we regret. It can also be addictive. We can find ourselves trapped in a cycle of …

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Songs to raise your spirit

We hear plenty of bad news every day. What we need is something to raise our spirits, inspire us, and make us feel better. I’ve always turned to music for an emotional boost. Part of it comes from years of performing in choirs and musicals. Most of it comes from how music makes me feel. …

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IQ is just a number

On Quora, I find a lot of questions about IQ. “What is it like to have an extremely high IQ?” “What is the relationship between IQ and BMI?” “Does an IQ of 142 give me bragging rights?” Yes, these are actual questions. And an IQ of 142 does give you bragging rights over me, since …

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How to adult

Our son turned 20. Our daughter will be turning 25. Our kids are no longer kids. They are in one of the most challenging phases of their lives, or as they would describe it, adulting. It’s a time when we ask the most important questions, “Who am I, and what do I want to do with my …

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