The Remainders front cover

The Remainders countdown begins

My novel The Remainders will be published by Black Rose Writing on September 2, 2021. I will describe my book in this series of posts. You can read other posts in The Remainders category on my website. Also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to learn more about the book.

Last week, I approved the final galley proof of my novel The Remainders. I can’t believe we’re almost a month away from release! Here are some ways you can get ready for the book.


You can preorder your paperback copy from Black Rose Writing now and save 15% by using promo code PREORDER2021. This offer is only good until September 2, so don’t miss out!

Preorder The Remainders from the Black Rose Writing website. Get 15% off the paperback with code PREORDER2021.

Look for Kindle preorders coming soon!

Read and listen to excerpts during #RemaindersAugust

Follow me on Twitter with the hashtag #RemaindersAugust, and you can read excerpts from the book! I’ll also post videos of readings on TikTok in August.

Enjoy the music of The Remainders

On Spotify? Listen to my playlist of music that inspired me as I wrote the book.

Learn more and stay updated

Visit my The Remainders page for reviews, videos, and the latest news. I can’t wait to share this novel with you!