So, what happened to your Web site?

I’ll let my hosting company explain why my Web site hasn’t been available the past few days:

Your…webspace has been attacked by criminals. As a consequence of this attack, your webspace has been misused to send Spam.

Just as criminals like these have made lots of things nowadays inconvenient or frustrating, I had to make a few changes to my site for added security.

First, I deleted all user accounts. Most of them were set up in recent days to process SPAM. This may mean that some previously posted comments and subscription were deleted. If one of those is yours, I apologize. I am looking at implementing a different comment system using Facebook. This will add greater security and enable you to link your profile to your comments.

Some pages may still have problems as I repair the site. If you come across such a problem, please send me a direct message on Twitter.

It’s unfortunate that the criminals of the world ruin the fun for everyone. I will continue to work to make the site more useful for you as readers as I make it more secure. Thank you for your patience and understanding.