A Web site update

Now that Little League season is wrapping up, and I can come up for air, I’m about to give my Web site a long-overdue makeover.

Since August 2006, I’ve had two Web sites: this WordPress blog site and a separate Microsoft FrontPage-created site of static HTML pages. A while ago, my hosting service dropped support for FrontPage extensions, which has made my static site harder to update. It seemed like out-of-date technology anyway. The world has gone to more frequently updated and interactive content. Static content is going the way of animated GIFs of dancing cats.

So, I’m moving the rest of my site to this WordPress blog format and giving this site a new design. This will also enable me to provide more frequent updates and have a single RSS feed. I know a lot of people link to my static pages, so I’ll work to keep existing URLs or add redirection pages.

Look for more details soon. If you have any suggestions, please post a comment. Thank you for your support.