Stephanie and Me at Loscon

When your child turns 30

Once, no sentence made me feel older than “I’m a 30-year-old.” Now, I can say, “I’m the father of a 30-year-old.”

My daughter is now old enough to have nostalgia. Fall Out Boy can do a version of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” that covers events in her lifetime. She can reminisce about things like Tickle Me Elmo, Tamagotchi, AOL, Dunkaroos, and civil rights. She can talk about the “good ol’ days” when the worst thing a President of the United States could do was inappropriate acts with a cigar.

But all commentary aside, nothing feels as good as saying “I’m the father of a 30-year-old.”

You can look back and see how your child has grown. The challenges they faced and overcame. The times you cheered on their victories and gave them a shoulder to cry on. How they’ve made lives of their own, but they still appreciate you being there. You can relate to them as adults, but you’re always there to give them guidance when they need it. When you see how they’ve become good people. And while they deserve all the credit, you know you’ve done a good job of helping them along the way.

And they’re just getting started.

Here’s wishing you, Stephanie, a wonderful 30th birthday. Thank you for the gift of being your dad. With deepest love, I wish you happiness and joy on your journey through life.