10. Monotone Angel

Reseda High School Vocal Ensemble performance of "Monotone Angel" in December 1976.

During December, I’m posting my Top 10 favorite holiday songs. Each song has a special story or meaning behind it for me. What stories or meanings do you have for your favorite holiday songs?

As a testament to my singing ability, I only had one solo in my first holiday concert at Reseda High School in December 1976. I was the Monotone Angel.

The picture above shows the Vocal Ensemble singing that song. How do I know?

  • I was out of frame since I sung off to the side (and I was as pleasant to look at as I was to listen to).
  • Other people are looking at me in a “What the hell is he going to do?” sort of way.

As I recall, I didn’t have to ham it up being the Monotone Angel. I was so nervous being out there by myself, I probably sung out-of-key and out-of-breath without even trying!

So, why do I remember this song so fondly that it appears on my list? It reminds me of the importance of stretching myself and being willing to stand out from the crowd, even at the risk making a fool of myself. I performed with some very talented people who went on to make careers for themselves as musicians. But you don’t have to be the best to make a difference. You just have to put in your best effort and try something new.

Here is a more recent performance of a high school choir singing “Monotone Angel.” (For some reason, only school choirs sing this song.)

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