UPDATE: The Ghosts of Reseda High Beta

The Ghosts of Reseda High (Beta Edition Cover)Update: Beta 2 is now open!

Thanks to all of you who expressed interest in The Ghosts of Reseda High beta. Here were some changes I made during the first beta:

  • Reviewers have already found a few egregious errors, mostly with inconsistencies with character names. I had made some last-minute character name changes, and not everything was caught with search-and-replace. I corrected those so they wouldn’t be a distraction. If you find errors and typos like these, please note them in your comments.
  • I added a link to the survey at the end of the book so you don’t have to look it up on my website later. If you are viewing the book on a computer, tablet, or other device with Internet access, you can click the link to go directly to the survey. (If you are using cellular data, carrier charges and limits apply.)

If you have questions or problems with your beta copy, send your comments in the form below. Thanks again for your feedback and happy reading!