Being thankful for Thanksgiving

Freedom from Want by Norman Rockwell, 1943.
Freedom from Want by Norman Rockwell, 1943.

I still believe in a holiday and a spirit called Thanksgiving. It’s not just an additional day for shopping. In that spirit, I’d like to share with you some of my posts about the importance of giving thanks:

Why gratitude is magic: Gratitude isn’t some wimpy rainbows-and-unicorns sentiment, but something that makes us more satisfied, fulfilled, and successful.

Why bother to be thankful: Even in times of hardship, we still have plenty of reasons to feel grateful.

My mom’s stroke: We don’t always appreciate Thanksgiving with family until we can’t celebrate it.

Blessings when you feel like cursing: We can find reasons to be grateful even when we’re the most frustrated.

I also have a request: If you decide to devote some or all of your Thanksgiving to Black Friday sales, please show respect to store employees who have given up their holiday to support themselves and their families. You may want to consider donating some of the money you save to food banks and homeless shelters to support those who can’t afford a holiday. This way, Thanksgiving can still have meaning whether you sit around a dinner table or stand in front of a discount store.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.