Script Frenzy Week 4: Finding my second wind (and the finish line)

I found a solution to my “script is finished, but I have less than 20,000 words” problem. When I looked at my script, I found that there were some scenes I could add. I also added one more musical number. Those changes took me over the 20K mark. Once I was able to get my word count verified, I did take out a few of the things I added, including that one number. So, I was able to complete a script and meet my word count goal.

As any scriptwriter knows, the real work comes after the script is written. First comes the reviews, the feedback, the rewriting. Then, trying to find a producer who will even look at it, let alone consider it for production. This will definitely take more than 30 days.

But, the first step is done. I have something that I can show to people. Now, it’s on to the next step.