Script Frenzy Week 1: OK, so I cheated

Confession: I started my script for Script Frenzy on May 29 instead of June 1. When I started coming up with ideas for my play, I couldn’t get them to stop. Ideas are like the phlegm that I had from this weekend’s cold – when you have them, you just have to cough them up. (And some of my ideas are as attractive as phlegm.) The words had no respect for the calendar, so I had to get them down while I had them.

Not only don’t I have control over when the words come up, I don’t have any control over where they should go in the script. I’ve been jumping all over the story. I’ve been doing most of my work in the middle. This is good because the middle is where most stories lag. As I work in the middle, I find myself making major changes to what I wanted to write in the beginning and the end.

By letting the words fall when and where they may, I’ve been making good progress on my script. After 6.25 days, I’m at 6,065 words, which is above my target of 30 days. I suppose if I finish a few days early, maybe the Script Frenzy folks will forgive me.