What Donald Trump can teach you about communication (updated)

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore 3 (cropped)
You’re fired! (Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons)
Previously, I posted an article about what we can learn about communication from Donald Trump. After he voiced his belief about a long-discredited link between vaccines and autism and refused to confront false statements about the president and racist statements against Muslims — on top of all the other horrible things he said about Hispanics, woman, and other groups — I pulled this post. There is nothing you can learn about communication from Donald Trump — unless you want to pander to the worst in human nature, make offensive comments to get attention, or show your unsuitability for a job you are pursuing.

Donald Trump has gone from being merely entertaining or irritating to becoming dangerous. I am concerned about what will happen to the United States and the world if he gets elected, and if the ignorant and racist who cheer him get a bigger voice in society. I know many conservatives are worried about him too and what will happen to the Republican party if he is nominated.

There are things we can learn from the worst of people, if only that we don’t follow their examples. The only thing we can learn from Donald Trump is that people like him have no place in government. Trump — you’re fired!