So, who do you like in the World Series?

As a Dodgers fan, I should wish a pox on both the Yankees and Phillies in the World Series. At least, I should hope they freeze to death trying to play a summer game in November. (Seriously, Bud? You were probably wishing for a Freeway Series in sunny Southern California, weren’t you?)

If you followed the Dodgers in the late seventies, you remember the drill: We’d play the Phillies for the National League title against cursed Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton. We’d play a nail-biting five-game series. Then, we’d go to the World Series, only to lose to the Yankees with – ugh – Reggie Jackson.

Reggie did win some love from me when he became an Angel and helped us win AL West titles in the eighties. I had to reconsider my feelings about the Yankees earlier this year because of this:

My son, the Yankee

Yes, that is my son with the interlocking N and Y on his cap.

Still, it took some work to get me to care about the “Evil Empire.” I watched The Pride of the Yankees, saw videos of Thurman Munson and Roger Maris, and listened to quotes from Yogi Berra. (You can’t be in a bad mood listening to Yogi Berra.) Jane Heller’s book helped too. All that didn’t quite block out the George Steinbrenner/A-Rod odor, but I could learn to love the Yankees. At least until they play the Dodgers or Angels.

As for the Phillies, they turned down a logo I submitted for a 100th birthday contest they had in 1983. So, sorry Phils. It’s Yankees in six.


  1. Points well taken. I lived that history as well. However, I am a Twins and Red Sox fan (my core teams) and anytime I’d see an opportunity to pox the Yanks, I’d say go for it! I cannot forgive the Yanks for making us dig home plate up inside the Dome so soon.
    To that end, I’d say Phillies in 5! It’ll be good to avenge 1950 and repeat as champs.

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