The Apple Watch and how customers “get to yes”

Apple Watch Sport
And Mickey’s smiling face was too hard to resist

As I wrote earlier, I didn’t rush out and buy an Apple Watch when they first came out. I waited four and a half months. What made me go from “It may be best to wait” to “Here’s my credit card”? Although good technology is useful technology, one has to see the usefulness. It took a combination of the experiences others have had with the Apple Watch, how Apple supports the product, and what capabilities Apple’s partners offer in order for me to see the usefulness of the product.

Here are several lessons I’ve learned in my process in becoming an Apple Watch owner. They can help anyone who wants potential customers to “get to yes.”

Lesson 1: Your customers are your best salespeople

I’m not an early adopter, but I work with a lot of people who are. They preordered their watches as soon as they became available. When they got them, they showed them off. One of my coworkers let me try his on. He got the stainless steel Apple Watch. It is a little heavier than the Sport model I got, but it still felt comfortable. As more people got an Apple Watch (its distinctive styling is hard to ignore), I could see how happy they were with them. I also read stories of people who lost weight and got in shape thanks to the information and reminders they get on their Apple Watch.

LoseIt reminder on Apple Watch
For example, LoseIt just reminded me to log my dinner.

Customer testimonials also addressed the concerns I had about the product. They said how they got a full day’s use from a single charge, and it didn’t take long to recharge. Although you shouldn’t use your Apple Watch in the pool, some have found that you could. I’m not going to wear my Apple Watch when I soak in the spa, but I know I don’t have to worry if it accidentally falls in.

Lesson 2: Show your commitment to your product

The Apple Watch was only out a couple of months when Apple announced its first update to the watchOS operating system. The update addressed a number of limitations in the initial release and added new features and customizability. One of the new features I’m looking forward to is Nightstand mode. Put your watch on its side as it charges at night, and it functions as an alarm clock with snooze button. This way, the Apple Watch stays useful even when it’s charging.

The fact that Apple produced an update for its watches so quickly shows its commitment to the product. It also assured me that the watch won’t become obsolete too quickly as Apple provides updates to existing customers.

Lesson 3: Work with your partners

What finally pushed me to get the Apple Watch was when one of the credit cards we use announced that they were moving to Apple Pay and were offering a special deal for their customers. My iPhone 5S doesn’t work with Apple Pay. I would have had to upgrade my phone or get an Apple Watch. The watch was the least expensive and most useful option. It would be easier to hold my wrist to a terminal than dig into my pocket for my phone whenever I wanted to pay.

I also found that the apps I use on my iPhone were also available for Apple Watch. I could control my thermostat on my watch. LoseIt indicates how many calories I’ve eaten that day. Although the technology of the Apple Watch is extraordinary, the fact that it can do things I could do before makes it useful. This capability comes from Apple’s partners and third-party developers.

Getting your customers to “get to yes”

To help your customers “get to yes,” you have to show the usefulness of the services or products you offer.

Customer reviews and testimonials are your best tools. Encourage your customers to post reviews on Yelp and on eCommerce sites where you sell your products. When you visit potential clients to give estimates, bring a book of letters and photographs from satisfied customers.

Show your commitment to your customers. Follow up with them on the products or services you’ve sold them, and look for other things you can offer them that address their needs. Provide additional resources like training and educational videos. This increases customer satisfaction and gives you repeat business.

Finally, build partnerships with people who can expand your business. Look for people in related businesses who can offer additional services.

When you show customers the value of your offerings, it can overcome their objections and “get to yes.” It worked for Apple. It made me a satisfied Apple Watch owner.

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