Fun a Day Reseda – Day 7: A CES Anniversary

Fun a Day Reseda: Day 7The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is under way in Las Vegas, but it was the CES I went to 30 years ago that cemented my decision to start my career in the computer industry.

I had just started at EnTech, a Commodore 64 software company in Sun Valley, but I was still going to Cal State Northridge and working as a teacher’s assistant at Mackay Junior High School in Pacoima. EnTech decided to send me to CES as part of my job as a public relations representative. That was the first time I had ever been on a business trip.

The trip was an experience like I had never had before. I got to wear a suit and stay at a hotel. I was surrounded by the latest in technology. I went to receptions with endless hors d’oeuvres and free-flowing liquor.

The trip also encouraged me to get out of my shell. I had been shy, but as a publicist, I had to open up and talk with people.

After CES, I decided that technology was the field where I wanted to work. I had found a career that combined my love of technology with my passion for writing. I resigned from the teacher’s assistant job. I finished my degree and got my first full-time technical writing job. My technical writing career took me to Orange County where I met my wife and started a family. It is a career that has given me the freedom to also do the creative writing I’ve always wanted to do.

It all started with the 1984 CES in Las Vegas. At that show, I launched a career that enriched my life.

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