Fun a Day Reseda – Day 15: And to Prove My Point About Luck…

Fun a Day Reseda - Day 15Today proved my point about luck. It was a day when I got all the bad rolls. My hard drive at work crashed. My order was messed up at the restaurant. We were late for an appointment (but the person we were supposed to meet was later.) Murphy was working overtime today.

What do you do when things go wrong?

It’s OK to be mad, just as long as you don’t say or do anything that would cause you trouble. Go for a walk by yourself so you can grumble to your heart’s content. Find a remote place or sit in your car where you can shout out every swear word you can think of and no one will hear you. Don’t vent on social media, though. Social media is never private, even if you configure your message to be private.

After you’ve calmed yourself down, look at the situation calmly and see what can be done to resolve it. If you can’t resolve it, determine how you work around the problem or find ways to mitigate the suffering. Sometimes, life deals us an unfair hand. We have to learn how to play whatever cards we’ve been dealt to the best possible outcome.

We also have to remember that “bad luck” doesn’t last forever. (Neither does “good luck,” so don’t get overconfident.) Luck, such as it is, depends on what we qualities we bring to a situation and how we use them. We need to focus on what is important so we can avoid the highs and lows that come from chance.

I saw a great quote on Facebook from Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life, “I will not stress myself out about things I cannot things I can’t control or change.” That’s a good way to deal with the highs and lows of fortune. You can’t change the situation, but you can change how you see and react to it. That’s how you can deal with whatever comes up when you throw the dice.