YouTube channels on writing

Whatever you want to learn, there’s a YouTube video to show you how. Want to make chocolate fudge, drive a Model T Ford, or escape from duct tape (which I might have found useful), there’s a video for that. When it comes to writing, there are a number of YouTube channels that show you what to do and avoid. Here are a few of my favorites.

Ellen Brock

This freelance editor gives solid tips on a variety of novel writing subjects. Her videos provide good advice for writers at all levels, and she’s especially helpful for writers who are starting out. Check out her Novel Boot Camp series as you prepare for NaNoWriMo.

Just Write

This channel draws on movies and television to provide tips on storytelling, plot, and character development. This video about how CGI changed animation is their most insightful. It gives you food for thought regardless of the media and genre you’re writing.

Terrible Writing Advice

We can learn as much from bad examples as we can from good. Check out Terrible Writing Advice by J.P. Beaubein. With humorous animation, this channel’s videos are snarky, fun, and information.

Charisma on Command

At some point, you’ll have to promote your work. Charisma on Command provides a number of useful tips on making a first good impression, connecting with others, and getting others to support you. They also provide examples of charisma from movies and television shows like Games of Thrones that can help you in your character development.

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