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“I feel the need to write…”

Forty years ago (which seems to be a trend of mine lately), I opened a spiral notebook and started to write a journal. This wasn’t when I became a writer. I became a writer when my English teacher Darlene Loiler read that journal, told me that I have potential, and encouraged me to develop it. What …

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Lessons from Musicals: Overture

This is the first installment of a series, Lessons from Musicals. Forty years ago, I performed in my first high school musical. Actually, we did excerpts from several musicals including Oliver and Plain and Fancy. I went from Mr. Bumble to Papa Yoder and experienced stage makeup for the first time (and the massive amounts …

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Sixty things I learned at Reseda High School

This year, Reseda High School is celebrating its 60th anniversary. On my website, I’ve shared a number of the lessons I’ve learned at this school. For this list, I picked the 60 most important. Although they pertain to my time there in the late 1970s, they apply equally to high school students today and to all of us throughout our lives.

Why high school matters

As I work on The Ghosts of Reseda High (and planning to go there soon to do research), it made me think about high school in general. Why do we make such a big deal about it, at least in the United States? High school is only three or four years. If we live until …

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How to make high school “The Best Years of Your Life”

This week, my son is being promoted from middle school. So, I’d like to share some advice for him and everyone else who is making the leap to high school. Watch enough TV and movies, and you believe that high school is supposed to be “The Best Years of Your Life.” That’s a lot of …

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