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Speaking to 2,000 people

What is the largest crowd you’ve ever spoken to? The largest audience I’ve ever spoken to in person was around 500 at a Little League opening day. Whenever I speak to a group of any size, I like to pick someone out in the audience and talk to them for a few seconds. Then I go …

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Don’t be desperate

If you want to turn off an audience, the quickest way to do it is through desperation. So why do I see so much desperation in advertisements these days? Here are some examples of emails that I received and promptly deleted. Emphasis is from the original. “This could not get any worse, Matthew…[W]ith less than …

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What C.G.P. Grey can teach you about publishing

The indie author world was abuzz about John Winter’s lament in Salon about being a “self-publishing failure.” (I’m not sure whether Winter was saying, “I tried everything and couldn’t sell any books” or “I want to prove that self-publishing is for the unwashed masses of hacks who have too much false hope and too little …

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