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Offline can serve as a starting point for a number of enlightening discussions, including topics such as workplace relations, religion, and the post-September 11 world. If you run a management training program or teach Melville, you will find that Offline makes a great addition to your program.

Use these reader guides to help you use Offline in your programs. If you need a reader guide for your organization, let me know, and I can put one together.

Spoiler alert: These reader guides are written for people who have read Offline. You may want to read the book first before reading these guides.

Guides for Reading Groups

bulletGeneral reading groups
bulletManagement courses
bulletMelville courses  

Other References

bulletMy annotated version of "Bartleby the Scrivener": My notes as I reviewed the original story for my book. See my thoughts about Melville's work and how I applied them to Offline.
bullet "Melville, Bartleby, and Management": A speech I gave at the Leaders as Readers Toastmasters Club in Anaheim. It describes my reading of "Bartleby the Scrivener" as a failure of management.

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