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ISBN: 1-4116-2133-6
Pages: 220
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Category: Fiction
Distribution: Ingram Book Group
Suggested Retail Price: $15.95



Mergers, downsizing, corporate politics. You know how employees suffer through them, but what about their bosses? Offline takes you inside the mind of a manager trapped in a bitter corporate merger. She is torn between the vice president she must obey, the employees she is trying to protect, a coworker she is falling in love with, and Bartleby, the enigmatic worker with a dangerous secret.

Here is what readers have said about the book:

"I just finished your book, and I thought it was great! I seldom read novels, but I couldn't put yours down! I especially enjoyed the increase in momentum towards the climax...terrific!" Alan Ochiai

"I enjoyed sharing the emotions of the characters. I see people rather than a faceless dot-com company. The story just gets better as it goes." Barry Benjamin

"Enjoyable read. I related immediately to the computer environment in So. Cal. and anywhere else where techies work, for that matter. Tension builds as Lucy deal with multiple emotional encounters, not least of which is the encounter with the enigmatic Bartleby." Julie Atkins

About the Author

Matthew Arnold Stern has worked in high-tech companies similar to the one in this book. He is an award-winning technical writer who has worked in the computer industry since 1983. He grew up in the San Fernando Valley and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English from California State University, Northridge. In addition to technical writing, Matthew has written articles for a number of computer magazines in the 1980s. He is also an active member of Toastmasters International and has won a number of speech contests. He has spoken at technical conferences including the Society for Technical Communication and WritersUA.

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