Offline FAQs

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about Offline. If you do not see the answer to your question, please e-mail me.

What is Offline about?

It's about a single mother, Lucy Merriweather, who finds herself in the middle of a hostile merger. She must manage a department who doesn't trust her while dealing with a boss with a hidden agenda. She also contends with a growing romance with a coworker from the other side of her divided company and Bartleby, the resistant and enigmatic employee who harbors a dangerous secret.

Where can I buy a copy?

It is available at bookstores and online booksellers everywhere, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also buy it directly from the printer, Lulu. For information, see the Buy! page.

My favorite bookseller doesn't carry Offline. How can I get them to order it?

Bookstores can order Offline through their normal distributor. Just put in a request at the store's information desk. If they need an ISBN, it's 1-4113-2133-6.

Can I buy an autographed copy?

Yes. E-mail me for information and pricing. I will soon offer a service on my site so you can place orders directly for autographed copies.

Do you have readers guides?

Yes. Visit the Reader Guides section of my site. You will find guides for different types of reading groups and reference materials.

I want to review your book for a publication. How can I get a copy?

Visit the For the Press section about how to request a review copy of Offline.