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Have you thanked a “grammar Nazi” today?

You’re in the middle of a heated discussion on social media. You blurt out, “Your stupid for believing that!” He replies, “*You’re*” You reply, “Well, *you’re* a grammar Nazi!” I hate the term “grammar Nazi.” It minimizes the crimes committed by actual Nazis, and it’s not cruel and unreasonable to expect people to use language …

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How to tell the truth

Lying is easy. We’ve been lying since childhood when we were first caught doing something we know we shouldn’t do. In time, we got so good at it that we believe the lies we tell ourselves. Telling the truth is hard. It requires that you make yourself vulnerable, own up to your flaws and mistakes, and …

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What self-censorship feels like

I started writing a post about how our love for dystopian and apocalyptic fiction may have contributed to the election of President Trump. I deleted the draft. Then, I began a well-researched post critiquing President Trump’s management style. I deleted that draft as well. Yes, I was censoring myself — and Trump had only been president for a …

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Evaluation: Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech

As I did last week for Donald Trump, I’m evaluating Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech solely on how well it communicated its positions to the audience. I’m not going to critique her political positions, so don’t be disappointed if my comments don’t line up with whatever your feelings are about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Let’s start with the …

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Evaluation: Donald Trump’s Acceptance Speech

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comAs I did in 2008 and 2012, I’m evaluating the acceptance speeches of the two major party candidates at their conventions. I’m evaluating them based solely on how well they communicated their positions to their audiences. I’m not going to critique their political positions. But with Donald Trump, it’s hard not to. …

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