2010: The Year I Made Contact

It took me until the last day of the oo’s, but I finally got on Facebook. And it is a bit overwhelming.

Imagine being able to get in touch with nearly everyone you’ve ever know. And I mean everyone. In just the past few days, I got friend requests from people from our Little League, my high school, and Toastmasters. I found former coworkers and relatives I fell out of touch with.

Just like real relationships, the tough part is finding time to get in touch with everyone. How do you devote the time to communicate with people — really communicate? Not just a few sentences in a status message. Just getting to know them again. Posting photos is fun. So is sharing your beliefs and hobbies in a profile. (Well, there may be some beliefs you might not want to post.) But nothing beats person-to-person contact.

Still, having the opportunity to reconnect with old friends is exciting and fun. Just don’t expect me to have the time to spend with Farm Town.