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1979 and 2019

As I look ahead to 2019, I also have to look back 40 years to 1979. That year started magically. My mom turned 50, I went to my prom, I was showered with awards by my high school, graduated as a valedictorian, and looked forward to going to UCLA. Then things took a horrible turn. …

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What I learned in 2018

I’ve enjoyed writing parodies for years, but 2018 isn’t a year for levity and snark. It was a year when we faced many hard questions. Since this site is about learning and sharing insights, I’m starting a new annual feature, “What I learned.” Here are five things I learned in 2018.

Give yourself permission to…

Welcome to all of you who found this site from my flyer at Indie Author Day. My site has plenty of tips on writing and public speaking, but I want to give you the most important tip of all. Take care of your health. When we are creating, working, or dealing with our other responsibilities, …

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Fun with dentistry

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you’ve seen me write about my “extensive and unpleasant dental work.” So, here are the (really) gory details about it.