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Speaking to 2,000 people

What is the largest crowd you’ve ever spoken to? The largest audience I’ve ever spoken to in person was around 500 at a Little League opening day. Whenever I speak to a group of any size, I like to pick someone out in the audience and talk to them for a few seconds. Then I go …

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How to tell the truth

Lying is easy. We’ve been lying since childhood when we were first caught doing something we know we shouldn’t do. In time, we got so good at it that we believe the lies we tell ourselves. Telling the truth is hard. It requires that you make yourself vulnerable, own up to your flaws and mistakes, and …

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Body language, vocal variety, and The Great Dictator

You’ll find it on YouTube as “The Greatest Speech Ever Made.” Technically, it is the greatest fictional speech ever made. Regardless of how you look at it, Charlie Chaplin’s final speech in The Great Dictator is powerful for its message and how it turned the evil rhetoric of the movie’s target, Adolf Hitler, on its head to …

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Why speakers need eye contact from listeners

As a speaker, you need to give the appropriate amount of eye contact to your listeners. But you also need to get eye contact from your audience. Their eye contact provides valuable information that can help you give your speech.

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