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Scrivener for iOS: Now you can write anywhere

Sample screen from Scrivener for iOS

Disclaimer: I was a beta tester for Scrivener for iOS. Yes, I actually reported a bug.

If you use Scrivener for Mac or Windows, you know what a powerful writing tool it is. It keeps your writing projects organized, provides an easy way to move sections of your book, and offers a convenient place to gather notes and research materials. You can generate output in a variety of formats from Word for manuscript submissions to ePub and Kindle to create distribution-ready eBooks. Scrivener offers writers a better creative environment than a word processor. The only thing you couldn’t do with Scrivener was use it on a mobile device.

That has changed with the introduction of Scrivener for iOS.

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Fifty-five more things I learned in fifty-five years

US Highway 55 sign from Wikimedia CommonsWhen I turned 45, I wrote a list of 45 things that I learned at that point in my life. In the ten years that passed, I still agree with most of them, although my opinion has changed for a few. So, for my 55th birthday this month, here is a list of 55 more things I learned in 55 years. (For a list of more things I learned, check out the 60 things I learned at Reseda High School.) Read more »

A bad year

A crumpled 2016 calendar

By any objective measurement, 2016 has already proven to be a bad year. Heartbreaking celebrity deaths, horrific acts of terrorism, an Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro plagued with a series of problems, a US presidential election that has already gone insane, and a UK election that causes them to leave the European Union. It has also been a bad year for me personally with injuries and illnesses and having to make a painful but necessary decision about a troubled family member.

What can we do when faced with such endless bad news?

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The Remainders Beta 2 (and why writing is critical)

Front Cover - The RemaindersMy second beta of The Remainders is finished. Thanks to the feedback I got from the first beta, it is a true novel at 70,000 words and a much stronger story. Adding the first-person narration of Dylan’s father added depth to both characters. I drew parallels between both character’s lives and how they stumbled and grew through the events in the book. When father and son meet at the end, I switched between points of view so we can see how they viewed the other. I’m happy with how this draft turned out.

Revising The Remainders also provided me with much-needed therapy.

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Remembering Grandpa Max

Grandpa Max

My grandfather Max Bloom at my mom’s wedding in 1951.

My grandfather Max Bloom died 50 years ago today. I was too young to remember him, but my mom told me many stories about him. She adored her dad, and she used him as a model of what a man should be. This is why, for better and worse, he shaped me to be the person I am today. Read more »