I sign copies of Offline at the Irvine Spectrum Barnes and Noble.Offline is now available at bookstores! If you want an autographed copy, visit the Barnes and Noble at the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, California. You will find them at the Information desk, so stop by and buy yours today. If you want your local bookstore to carry Offline, ask them to order it for you.

Offline is the story of a single mother who is transferred by her high-tech company to southern California. There, she finds herself a pawn in a bitter corporate merger. She must contend with Jake a threatening boss with a hidden agenda, Daniel her colleague from the other side of the divided company for whom she has a growing infatuation, and Bartleby the enigmatic employee whose emotionless, taciturn appearance conceals a dangerous secret.

Offline has received great reviews from its readers. Look at what my readers have written:

"Once I started reading your book, I had trouble putting it down. You did an amazing job at presenting this story from a woman's perspective. I completely enjoyed the book. I enjoyed reading about Lucy's conflicting emotions as she fell in love with a coworker. I was amazed by how well you expressed the emotional trauma individuals experience during company takeovers. The suspenseful ending was very effective and convincing."

"Offline is a superb novel enriched by excellent use of the English language, and it's worth reading, especially by those who love to write."

"Offline seems to me wonderfully and thoughtfully written, an interesting and insightful story of our times."

"I just finished your book and I thought it was great! I seldom read novels, but I couldn't put yours down! I especially enjoyed the increase in momentum toward the climax...terrific!"

"I enjoyed sharing the emotions of the characters. I see people rather than a faceless dot-com company. The story just gets better as it goes."

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  • Offline is now available for Kindle. Get your copy now at Amazon.
  • Offline gets a glowing review in TechniScribe, the newsletter of the Orange County chapter of the Society for Technical Communication.