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What is good technology?

I had a few moments to kill before a doctor’s appointment, so I went to the mall next to his office. At the mall was an Apple store, and in front of the Apple store was a huge line. I asked the guy at the front of the line what he was waiting for. “The …

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WritersUA day 3: Tickle Your Brain

I’ve wrapped up my sixth WritersUA conference, but I’ve never been to a session that involved a hunting knife. That’s what happened at today’s closing session where Adam Ruben of Groupon used one to make a point, so to speak. In his session, “Tickling the Brain: Why Amazing Matters,” he showed how “different is memorable.” …

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WritersUA day 2: Can technical communicators improve people’s lives?

With the steady stream of bad news we get daily, we all would like to know what we can contribute to make people’s lives better. Shawn Henry of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) said that making products and user assistance more accessible is “[t]he one thing you can do to improve people’s lives around …

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WritersUA day 1: “Let’s Look in the Mirror…”

The most wonderful part of this first day of WritersUA was reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in years. People waved and said hi as though we had seen each other yesterday. I even met people I didn’t remember who still remembered me. It showed how tightknit a community we have remained, even with all …

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WritersUA day T-1: Memories of Business Trips Past

I’m going to the WritersUA conference tomorrow. By going, I mean commuting to Long Beach every day for the next three days. With gas prices, it may be cheaper to fly and stay in Long Beach, but at least I can sleep in my own bed and not get felt up by the TSA. This …

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