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WritersUA 2014 Day 4: A community, not a crowd

This tweet best summarizes WritersUA this year: The #writersua crowd really feels like a COMMUNITY – not just a crowd. <3 — Karen Mulholland (@kemulholland) March 6, 2014 I believe that it’s not because we have the same type of job or suffer the same pain points. I think it’s because we have a clearer …

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WritersUA 2014 Day 3: “What do I do now?”

Another benefit of coming to WritersUA is that it’s helping me write my new novel, Amiga. There’s a scene where my narrator is looking at Workbench, the Amiga user interface, for the first time. He is perplexed when he looks at the screen. (Keep in mind that this happens in 1985 when windows and icons …

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WritersUA 2014 Day 2: An open letter to Amanda

Dear Amanda: I’m sorry that you had an unfortunate experience in your technical communications class. There are a couple of problems in teaching technical communications. First, outside of the quality technical communications certificate programs taught at some universities and STC, technical writing often isn’t taught well. There are instructors who don’t realize that technical writing …

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WritersUA 2014 Day 1: Del Taco and learning

When I went to Palm Springs for WritersUA, I made a commitment: I wouldn’t eat at Del Taco. We’ve been eating there a lot lately at home, and if I were going to drive all the way to Palm Springs, I wanted to eat something different. I had a few moments before the conference started, …

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WritersUA 2014 Pre-Show: Why go to conferences?

I’m going to my seventh eighth WritersUA conference, which will be in Palm Springs. I’ve also attended and spoke at STC, CES, Help University, and other writing and technical conferences over the years. Why do I consider conferences such a big deal? Why are they worth the time, effort, and expense? Conferences are important because …

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