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How to Be a Writer: Lesson 4 – Develop Your Own Style

Think about your favorite author. What is it that keeps you coming back to that person’s books? Perhaps you enjoy the type of stories the author tells. Or the books feature a recurring character you like. Perhaps you like the way the author uses language or the types of scenes that appear in that person’s …

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How to Be a Writer: Lesson 3 – Write Clear Descriptions

To be a good writer, I had to unlearn some habits I developed when I started. One of them was how I used imagery in my writing. In high school, I was into similes and metaphors. These are typically the first tools people learn in creative writing. I was also influenced by the singer-songwriters I …

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How to Be a Writer: Lesson 2 – Become a Keen Observer

One of my first lessons in creative writing at Reseda High School was partly a trust exercise. It took place in the horticulture area that used to be at the back of the school. We were paired with a partner. One of us was blindfolded, and the other led the blindfolded person to various plants, …

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How to Be a Writer: Lesson 1 – Develop Intellectual Curiosity

Intellectual curiosity is the most important skill you can develop as a writer. When you dig for the truth, you’ll uncover information that will make your writing more informative and interesting. You can challenge established (but untrue) assumptions. People will want to read your work because they can learn something new and see things differently. …

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How to Be a Writer: Introduction

I started a new series that covers four key writing skills. These are skills I’ve developed over the years, and they have helped me become a better writer. If you’re starting off in writing, or if you want to improve your grades in your writing classes, this series is for you. These skills apply to …

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