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Should you become a leader?

This time of year, Toastmaster districts are looking to recruit area governors for the new term starting July 1. So, I’ve been receiving a lot of visits to my article “Why You Should Be an Area Governor.” I’ve learned a lot about leadership in the 14 years since then, including lessons from a 2-year term …

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What I’m doing next in writing

So, what am I doing next in writing? A number of things! My New eBook: Table Topics for All Occasions What you see to the left is the front cover of my new eBook. Table Topics for All Occasions includes 500 questions on a variety of subjects, and it takes you step-by-step from hearing the …

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Toastmasters, what’s with the new logo?

I visited the Toastmasters International Web site the other day, and I found this:

The bad call

Bad calls and unlucky breaks don’t just happen in baseball. They once happened to me in Toastmasters. Whether they happen in baseball or Toastmasters, they offer a lesson, if you’re willing to accept it.

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