Announcing Mastering Table Topics – Second Edition (and more writing news)

Front Cover - Mastering Table Topics Second EditionYes, that is a new front cover for Mastering Table Topics. And that’s not the only new thing about it. I am releasing a second edition of this best-selling guide to impromptu public speaking, and it has a number of new features:

  • 250 new questions
  • Updated questions in several topics
  • Tips on eye contact, vocal variety, and body language
  • Updated list of resources, including books, games, and apps

Mastering Table Topics will also be published in paperback for the first time!  If you prefer eBooks, Mastering Table Topics – Second Edition will be available for Kindle, Apple devices, and ePub readers and apps.

Mastering Table Topics – Second Edition will be available in a few weeks after I review proofs and finalize the eBook. In the meantime, you can get the original Mastering Table Topics eBook at a discounted price of $1.99 from Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. (The lower price will be available at other online booksellers soon.) Visit my website or follow me on Twitter (@maswriter) for updates and availability.

And that’s not all I’m working on with my writing.

Reseda High School front entrance
You’re not off the hook, pals…

So, where is my Reseda High School book? I’ve received some great feedback on The Ghosts of Reseda High. After considering the comments, looking at different options for revising it, and setting aside the book for a bit, I realized that it didn’t say what I really wanted to say about growing up in Reseda. So, I’m working on a concept for a series of books about Reseda. I will be reaching out to some of you for feedback on these ideas.

My novel Doria available in paperback and eBookIn addition, I’m planning to revise my Doria book (especially that cover) and continue the series. With the current political atmosphere and the rumblings of a new Cold War, this story has become more important than ever.

I’m also planning new non-fiction books about public speaking and other communication topics in the future. So, I have a lot of good stuff coming. Please visit my website or follow me on Twitter for the latest.