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April 2005-on

Check out my new blog on and find out about my novel, Offline. More info

December 2004

21: A final blog entry and thoughts for the holidays.

1: Catching up with some news from November.

November 2004

There were no blog entries in November because I participated in National Novel Writing Month. More info

October 2004

31: Some thoughts on goal-setting, whether it is writing a novel or losing weight.

25: A SPAM you won't believe (includes adult language).

13: Here is how I scored the third and final presidential debate.

4: Notes from a Toastmasters evaluation contest.

September 2004

27: Is it ever acceptable to use the f word at work?

10: One thing you must do tomorrow, September 11.

4: My evaluation of George W. Bush's acceptance speech.

1: On the Republican National Convention: Arnold, Obama, and Alan Keyes.

August 2004

28: Baseball and fatherhood.

14: Who I'm rooting for at the Olympics.

9: A few words about the upcoming Olympic games.

2: The benefits of learning another language.

July 2004

30: My evaluation of John Kerry's acceptance speech.

27: Comments on Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention.

20: Want to join the Jewish club? There are a few things you have to do...

14: How to add to your vocabulary toolbox.

June 2004

21: What bugged me about Garfield: The Movie The tacked-on Important Moral Lesson.

13: The latest about a speech contest winner.

6: Some thoughts about the death of President Ronald Reagan.

May 2004

25: Follow-up: A sincere apology.

10: An unfortunate trend: The half-hearted apology.

4: A cautionary tale of marketing research done badly.

2: My warm-weather pet peeve: People who wear shorts to work in an office.

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