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Why you should read my new novels

My new novels, The Remainders and AmigaI have two new novels that are free to read on Inkitt for a limited time. Even though these books are free, I still have to convince people to read them. And book marketing brings up all sort of bad memories of when I tried to ask girls to date me in high school.

I am good at appealing to reason, so here are some reasons for you to check out The Remainders and Amiga.

  • You like books set in the present day that deal with contemporary problems, but you want to see the past that caused them to happen.
  • You like to immerse yourself in your characters. The first-person narratives get you to experience the story in different ways.
  • You like Reseda in your books. These books have a lot of Reseda in them (along with Orange County, and in the case of Amiga, San Rafael). If you went to high school in Reseda, your school makes an appearance. Reseda High School shows up in The Remainders, and Cleveland High School (along with Bret Saberhagen!) gets a shout out in Amiga. Best of all, there are no freeways running through yards.
  • You want a book set during the crazy 2016 Presidential Election. If so, Amiga is the book for you. (Spoiler alert: Trump wins.)
  • You also want eighties nostalgia. Amiga has scenes set in 1985-1986 (complete with dresses with poofy shoulder pads and a Mr. Mister song). The Remainders has a few scenes in the eighties along with an eighties car with a landau roof and opera windows.
  • You’re having a bad day. The characters in my books are having a worse day than you are.
  • You have to deal with miserable customers and coworkers. The characters in my books have to deal with worse customers and coworkers than you do.
  • You like sex scenes! Both books have them. (But some of these are scenes of bad sex. We’re talking drama here, not erotica. And if sex between aliens and dinosaurs floats your boat, try this book.)
  • You like stories with happy endings. I’m not giving away any spoilers, but you will enjoy these characters’ journeys.
  • These books are free! This is only for a limited time, so read The Remainders and Amiga now.

And when you’re finished, please post a review on Inkitt and share the books with others. I hope you enjoy my new novels, and thank you for your support.

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