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The joys of technical writing

Before I started in the computer industry in 1983, I had never heard of technical writing. I found out about it from a job listing at the CSUN Career Center. As I got into the field, I discovered how much I liked it. The career combines two things I enjoy: writing and working with the …

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The Apple Watch and how customers “get to yes”

As I wrote earlier, I didn’t rush out and buy an Apple Watch when they first came out. I waited four and a half months. What made me go from “It may be best to wait” to “Here’s my credit card”? Although good technology is useful technology, one has to see the usefulness. It took a combination of the experiences …

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Why I like technology

“I don’t have techno-fear, I have techno-joy!” — Eddie Izzard I’ve been in the computer industry for nearly 30 years. Before that, I had experiences with mainframes at UCLA and a programmable Radio Shack calculator. Why do I like technology so much? For a simple reason: It enables us to do things.

What is good technology — You bought which smartphone?

I have enjoyed my MacBook Pro. It’s been an excellent computer and has lived up to my expectations. So when I needed a smartphone, the choice was obvious. I got a Samsung Galaxy S3. But don’t Samsung and Apple get along as well as Democrats and Republicans and work together just as effectively? Here’s why …

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What is bad technology?

As Americans, our favorite hobby (next to eating and blathering on about complex issues we don’t understand) is knocking down the successful. We love it when celebrities get caught improperly using automobiles, or showing parts of their bodies that they probably shouldn’t show, or otherwise acting nuts. It’s part of the bizarre tabloid morality play …

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