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Using the past to understand the present

Fun A Day Reseda 2019 has begun! My project is a new novel, Snow in Los Angeles. During January, I’ll take breaks from writing to share with you themes and other insights from writing the book. It seems like a strange choice to write a novel set in the winter of 1948-1949 when there are more …

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About that word

PewDiePie is the latest celebrity caught uttering the n-word. Unlike celebrity n-word eruptions in the past, this situation cannot be treated the same way. In the aftermath of Charlottesville, racists are emboldened. More racist material has been appearing, along with more racial violence. The n-word can no longer be dismissed as a casually tossed around …

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You weren’t welcomed either

When looking at immigration in general and DACA in particular, there are two things to remember: You are a descendant of immigrants. You weren’t welcomed either.


I will get back to the Writing Reseda series, but I need to say a few things about what happened yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia. Oddly enough, this is a story about Reseda and something that happened to me 40 years ago. It is about the first display of overt and direct anti-Semitism I ever experienced.

Germany, Paula Deen, and the Burden of History

I had a wonderful business trip in Germany. I went to Freiburg, a charming city at the foot of the Black Forest with a cathedral dating from the Middle Ages and a modern concern for the environment. The people were friendly and patiently accepted my inability to speak German. I enjoyed delicious food and great …

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