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Lessons from Musicals: Overture

This is the first installment of a series, Lessons from Musicals. Forty years ago, I performed in my first high school musical. Actually, we did excerpts from several musicals including Oliver and Plain and Fancy. I went from Mr. Bumble to Papa Yoder and experienced stage makeup for the first time (and the massive amounts …

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How to tell the truth

Lying is easy. We’ve been lying since childhood when we were first caught doing something we know we shouldn’t do. In time, we got so good at it that we believe the lies we tell ourselves. Telling the truth is hard. It requires that you make yourself vulnerable, own up to your flaws and mistakes, and …

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What Donald Trump can teach you about communication (updated)

Previously, I posted an article about what we can learn about communication from Donald Trump. After he voiced his belief about a long-discredited link between vaccines and autism and refused to confront false statements about the president and racist statements against Muslims — on top of all the other horrible things he said about Hispanics, woman, and …

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Why speakers need eye contact from listeners

As a speaker, you need to give the appropriate amount of eye contact to your listeners. But you also need to get eye contact from your audience. Their eye contact provides valuable information that can help you give your speech.

The gift of feedback

Feedback is valuable and, when presented properly, inspirational. Feedback can help us build upon the things we already do well and give us direction on how to do better. How do we give feedback that helps someone, and how do we use the feedback we get?