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Investing in retrospect

My dad died on August 31, 1986. This week not only marks the 30th anniversary of his death, I’m now as old as he was when he died. This has given me a lot to think about.

“The youth of old age”

I’m about to start my third year of my fifties, and I’m not liking this age very much. When a decade of my life starts with appendicitis, it can’t be a good sign. Although my fifties have given me my first international trip and enabled me to afford all sorts of cool and useful gadgets, …

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Apocalypse: Death by appointment

Next Friday will come and go, and the world will still be here. Even with another blown prediction, we Americans love apocalypse. I grew up believing we’d nuke ourselves to death, or overpopulation would make us resort to cannibalism, or chimps would do us in. Perhaps computers would cause our doom either by being too …

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