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Why community service is now more important than ever

I can always tell when it’s time for youth baseball and softball season to start. The weather gets warmer. We get more hours of sunlight. And I get more people reading my Little League opening day speech. But would I still be involved in a position like a Little League president today, especially with all the disincentives of getting involved …

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The Little White Ball Revisited

It has been six years since I was president of Saddleback Little League. My tenure there produced an opening day speech I never gave, but people seem to like. It also left me with some lingering doubts as the years passed.

Should you become a leader?

This time of year, Toastmaster districts are looking to recruit area governors for the new term starting July 1. So, I’ve been receiving a lot of visits to my article “Why You Should Be an Area Governor.” I’ve learned a lot about leadership in the 14 years since then, including lessons from a 2-year term …

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Toastmasters, what’s with the new logo?

I visited the Toastmasters International Web site the other day, and I found this:

The King’s Speech and Finding Your Voice

There are a couple of things I got out of watching The King’s Speech. The first is how ridiculous the MPAA can be. Did this movie really deserve an R rating because it exceeded its quota of f-words? The second, and most important thing, is the importance of finding your own voice.