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The joys of technical writing

Before I started in the computer industry in 1983, I had never heard of technical writing. I found out about it from a job listing at the CSUN Career Center. As I got into the field, I discovered how much I liked it. The career combines two things I enjoy: writing and working with the …

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With all the protests going on throughout the Internet today, I wondered who would support legislation like SOPA/PIPA? These people. I was surprised and disappointed to see both of my state’s senators in favor of this legislation, especially since technology is one of our state’s key industries. So, write your congressional representatives and tell them you …

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What Justin Bieber can teach us about Web marketing

One of the things that I saw in the Justin Bieber concert film Never Say Never (besides disturbing scenes of prepubescent lust) is how important the Internet is in promoting artists. Justin Bieber is an Internet creation. He was discovered from his YouTube videos and built his fan base through Twitter. So, what can the rest …

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