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Elections and hernias

By now, you’ve heard plenty of people (including myself) tell you how crucial these midterm elections are and how important it is for you to come out and vote. If you are still unconvinced, let me tell you about my hernia.

Shame on you, El Toro, if you didn’t vote

El Toro High School, I have a bone to pick with you. Actually, I have several, but I want to talk about one that is important – voting.

Presidents don’t come from God

I’ve tried to follow my own advice and listen to what Trump supporters have to say. There is no shortage of them on Facebook and Twitter. I have found one issue that needs to be addressed. This issue resides at the core of American government and society. It is an area where we need to come to an agreement …

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Hamilton: What comes next?

This is the fifth and final installment of a series, Lessons from Musicals. Why am I bothering to talk about musicals I performed in 40 years ago? Aren’t there more pressing things to deal with in the present? I’ll answer by looking at a musical created by someone who hadn’t even been born yet when I …

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Civics 101

Although everything you learn in high school is valuable at some point in your life, civics is the most important class you will take. Knowing the law and how government work can be crucial in protecting your rights and will help you vote for candidates who can best serve your community and nation. With a presidential election and a …

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